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10 new things from the new millenium

Way back in 1999, we thought we were so cool.  But how cool could we have been without these ten items that weren't even around yet?

1.  iPod--Hype said it would change the way we listen to music. And it did!

2.  BlackBerry--Even the President of the United States can't resist.

3.  Digital cameras (affordable ones anyway)

4.  Nintendo's Wii--Gamers got off the couch to actually move around to play such tennis, bowling and boxing.

5.  USB stick--Mountains of info on a tiny memory stick. Yippee!

6.  iPhone--Not to be confused with the BlackBerry, of course.  Thems fightin'words.

7.  E-book readers--Bye-bye books? Amazon's Kindle enjoyed a breakout this Christmas.

8.  GPS devices--Navigation made easy for those who won't ask fellow humans for directions.  Yea, I'm talking to you, husband.

9.  Netbook--A new species of computer, maybe not as powerful as a laptop but way cheaper.

10.  Firefox--Bringing an open source browser into the mainstream.  Now it's loosening Google's stranglehold on Web browsing. A little anyway.

What's your favorite new gadget of the decade?  For me, it is the iPod--hands down!

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12/30/2009 7:42AM
10 new things from the new millenium
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