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Adam Elliott

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Rated PG-13 – 2h38 -

Boy, am I glad that John Cusack is there to save us all.

2012 is big, shiny and a spectacle to see, but there’s not a lot of depth to it all. That’s OK. That’s what I typically expect from the disaster movie genre. They spend all their money on special effects, and the storyline and above 9th grade dialogue is left on the cutting room floor.

In this case, the end of the world is brought on in the year 2012. It’s not from any evil that man has committed, but rather as natural process of the solar system. Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) happens to cross paths with conspiracy nut Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson) who happens to be right this time that the world governments know about a coming disaster of epic proportions. Jackson uses the information he gets from Charlie to stay ahead of the rest of the fleeing world and get in on the same protection plan the President has.

Most of that information is unimportant, because what you really want to see in disaster flicks is stuff blowing up…and you get it. Yellowstone blows up. The USS Kennedy takes out The White House in a tsunami. California falls in the ocean. Dogs and cats live together in peace. Crash. Bang. Boom. Ohhhh baby, that’s-a what I like.

I give 2012 high marks because we not only get one major ka-bang. We a lengthy series of zap-pow-kerplooys that do a rather thorough job of making everything “blow’d-up real good.” It’s one smasharoo after another.

From early on, we cross over to the fantastical realm of B-S, and that’s why I stuck with 2012 for the whole two and a half hours.

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