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Adam Elliott

What does Adam have to say?

Do You Hate The Sound Of Your Own Voice?

It's my voice...i can't really change it.  It's just part of me, so why hate it?

You know that thing where everyone hates the sound of their own voice?   Here comes the science to why we think that way....

 ( Note: I am not a scientist, but i do play one on TV...and I found a research article on this today )

There are two ways for sounds to reach your inner ear:  Through the AIR, or through the BONES in your skull.   When you talk, your vocal cords vibrate . . . and that vibration goes through the bones in your skull, directly to your inner ear.
Traveling through bone causes a sound's frequency to be lower, which means you hear yourself talking in a deeper voice than everyone else . . . since THEY hear your voice through the air.
But when you hear a RECORDING of your voice, you hear it the same way everyone ELSE does.  It travels through the air, to your eardrum, and then to your inner ear.  And it sounds high-pitched and unfamiliar, so you don't like it.

At least that's what scientists have to say about it. 

I did the thing where you talk into a fan so often as a child (just like from this clip from "Tommy Boy") that I think this is how I always sound:

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04/03/2013 7:56AM
Do You Hate The Sound Of Your Own Voice?
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