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A husky vs a bulldog

 Who will win the biggest basketball game of the year?  Let's let the mascots decide it!  Both dogs, one fuzzy and one wrinkly.  One is an exercise fiend, the other is a lazybones.  And according to Stanley Coren's "The Intelligence of Dogs" ranks 33 places higher than the other.  The husky ranks 45 out of 80; the bulldog is down the list at 78 out of 80.

     The husky is a high-energy dog who does well with lots of exercise and activity.  They like to pull sleds, hike with you and play games.  On the flip side, the bulldog doesn't need as much exercise (makes a great apartment-dwelling dog).  Bulldogs are generally friendly, good-natured and great with kids/other pets.

     So, who takes it tonight in the canine championship?  I think it's the husky, for the win.

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04/04/2011 5:44AM
A husky vs a bulldog
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