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Adam Elliott

What does Adam have to say?
Posts from May 2012

Two Things In Life That Shouldn't Be Done
I try not to highlight negative things in life.  I think a positive attitude helps you get by.

But then again there are times when you need to say 'No."  They are:

First:  Don't dress your animals up in human clothes.  It looks silly.  You look silly for doing it.  They have fur.  They don't need a T-shirt that says "party animal" on it.

Second: Don't dress up twins in the same clothes.  I know you think it looks cute, but you are sending a message that their individual identities are useless and that it's OK to be a clone.

Amendment to the Second Rule:  There is one case I will allow because they are a really old cute couple.
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Why Do This To Your Kids?
OK.  The viral video David After Dentst was funny the first couple times I saw it.  It even spawned the equally funny Chad After Dentist.

Now there is a whole generation of parents thinking it's funny to post videos of their children doped up on anesthetic.

This rugrat is unfortunate for a couple of reasons. 

First: his parents are not original. 
Second: he may have to live with the catch phrase "Dizzay!" for the rest of his life.  Sorry kid.  It's the age of the internets.
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As You Prepare For Memorial Day Weekend...
Did you know this: The average speed of Heinz ketchup leaving the bottle is 25 miles per year.

is there nothing that can be done?  We have Memorial Day Weekend cookouts to attend and that sounds like we could spend all weekend waiting to kethcup-ize our burgers, brats and hot dogs.

Oh wait, here comes the science.

Thanks to the creaitve minds at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, we might be able to speed this process up.  Six MIT researchers say they've solved the problem as part of an entrepreneurship competition. The result is a bottle coated with "LiquiGlide," a non-toxic material so slippery that the ketchup or for that matter mayonnaise just glides out when you turn it over. 

Oddly enough, watching the ketchup slide makes me a little queasy.

Have a looky-loo...

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Top Michael McKean Movies

You may him as David St. Hubbins, Morris Fletcher,  Mr. Green, or even "Lenny" Kosnowski. 

Michael McKean is one of those actors who has achieved greatness, but not necessarily through lead roles.  You know his face.  You know he can be smirky and funny. You know at least three movies or TV shows he's been in.

Well, he got clocked a taxi while walking in New York on Tuesday and is hospitalized with a broken leg.  Ouch!

Is there a better way to help him heal, beyone remembering his greatest roles?  I think not.  Get better Michael!


Lenny Kosnowski - Laverne & Shirley
State Trooper - Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Gorman Seedling, INS Deputy Commissioner - Coneheads
Himself - Conan O'Brien circa 1995
Morris Fletcher - The X Files
Jerry Palter - A Mighty Wind
Stefan Vanderhoof - Best In Show
And of course David St. Hubbins - This Is Spinal Tap


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DWTD(onald Driver)

I guess I'm just gonna say thank you to Donald Driver right now.

He has provided us with some great material to talk about during his stretch on Dancing With The Stars.  I think any decisions about him going or staying with Green Bay will comes soon after the Mirror Ball trophy gets handed out.   I'm hoping the Pack have it in them to give him another season.

Either way, it's been a fun watching Donald smile through the whole thing. 


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Should I Be Part Of The 2010 Packers?
Hmmm.. tough question. 

You don't have to do two-a-days, or get tackled by some 350 pound lineman.  All you need is around $10,000.

Pawn America posted this tweet last Tuesday:

Pretty cool.  It’s the real thing, but it didn’t come from any player.  It's from Sarah Pace who was one of the team’s front office staff.  No word if they've sold it yet.
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Who's The Richest Rocker Of Them All?
Pretty easy right?  It's former Beatle Paul McCartney, right?

Well, that may be true, until the stock market closes today.  As you may well know Facebook becomes a publicly traded company today and the money that's going to generate makes my head spin.

Paul McCartney's fortune is estimated to be just over $1 billion.  Thanks to his 2.3% ownership in the social network, Bono from U2
is expected to bank around $1.5 billion by the time Wall Street rings it's closing bell. 

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How To Grow The Perfect Mustache

How important is this topic?  It is the MOST important bit of advice you'll ever need, assuming you are a guy who wants a mustache.

Here's a great article from the man with the World's Longest Mustache on how to grow one and how to care for it. 

Ram Singh Chauhan of India is the proud owner of the world's longest moustache, officially recorded by Guinness World Records as 4.29m (14ft) long. But what is the secret of his success? Here he offers five tips.

1. Start growing early - as soon as you can. Chauhan, now 54, started growing his moustache in 1970 - facial hair grows fastest in one's youth, he says. "As you grow old your hormones grow weak, so the speed slows down." And, of course, he has never cut it, "apart from trimming around the lip area".

Steve Parsons of the British-based Handlebar Club seconds this advice, as a young man's facial hair is more durable than that of an elderly man. "As moustache hair goes white it starts to become more brittle and is more likely break off," says Parsons.

"Kissing a man without a moustache is like drinking champagne without bubbles”
Steve Parsons

2. Groom it well. Chauhan spends an hour every day cleaning and combing his moustache. "I massage it and oil it regularly and I wash it every 10 days which takes a long time," he says. "My wife helps me." He uses a coconut-based hair oil.

Parsons, who himself sports an elaborate handlebar moustache, recommends leave-in conditioner as an antidote for troublesome split ends. "You can also use pomades or beeswax but that requires a good wash to get it out. Our advice? Dip it in beer on a regular basis," he says. Rod Littlewood, vice-president of the World Beard and Moustache Association, says it's best for the moustachioed to avoid eating some food in public. "Candy floss is a horror!"

3. Get your family on side. Chauhan's wife Asha says they used to fight over his moustache in the early years. "He used to take a long time to get ready, to wash and also people used to stare at him," she says. She didn't feel comfortable. But later, as he started getting recognition for his long moustache, she started to like it and to respect his commitment. Now, she says, the moustache is like a part of the family and she shares his pride in it.

Parsons, meanwhile, admits that his wife is not the greatest fan of his lip furniture, but he has a good riposte: "I always say kissing a man without a moustache is like drinking champagne without the bubbles."

Notable moustache styles

Men with different types of moustache - illustration by Emma Lynch
  • Walrus: bushy, hanging down over the lips - worn by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton
  • Toothbrush: thick, but shaved except for a square in the centre - well-known exponents include Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin
  • Handlebar: bushy, with small upward pointing ends, named for its resemblance to bicycle handlebars
  • Pencil: narrow, straight and thin with a wide shaven gap between the nose and moustache - worn well by Clark Gable and Errol Flynn
  • Dali: narrow, long points, bent or curved steeply upward, and areas past the corner of the mouth must be shaved - named after the artist Salvador Dali

Sleeping can be uncomfortable but he says there's no gain without pain and he wouldn't want it any other way. "I am special with my moustache, and I have never dreamt of being without it."

The Movember charity, which encourages men to grow their moustaches in November to raise awareness of men's health issues, acknowledges that new moustaches can be itchy when they start growing. Movember co-founder JC advises men to ignore the itch and be brave. "Remind yourself that other men have endured worse in the past. Surely you can stand a little face tickle from your mo?"

5. Don't be a slave to fashion. When he was younger, Chauhan says, moustaches were very much in vogue in his home country. He earned a lot of respect from fellow students at college, but finds the youth of today have little interest in facial hair. "My own son doesn't have one," he says regretfully. But in the UK, the Handlebar Club says it has noticed a resurgence in bewhiskered men. The popularity of Movember, which last year inspired more than 850,000 men in 14 countries to grow a moustache, is definitely a factor, says Parsons.
"We used to attract the older gentlemen but recently our membership has got younger. At our last AGM we had lots of men in their 20s and 30s."

Source: BBC News.

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I Want To Ride My Bicycle. I Want To Ride My Bike

Seriously.  I think I'm the guy who shouts "BI-CYCLE!" in the Queen song "Bicycle Race."

I do love riding my bicycle, so i think it's pretty cool that Madison was named the 5th Most Bikeable City in the Country.  It's based on a score taken from the availability of bike lanes and infrastructure, 'hilliness,' road connectivity, nearby amenities and the percent of people in the area who bike to work.

The only better cities; Minneapolis; Portland, Ore.; San Francisco and Boston.

It's a long ride there, so I'm gonna go hit the Lake Monona loop again.

Note, the original video to the song features naked bike riders which can easily be found on YouTube. Are they from the Madison Naked Bike Ride?   I don't think so.  Here's a Simpsons video instead.


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Remembering Donald "Duck" Dunn

Like many things in my life, I often see them through the filter of movies.

I was saddened to hear about the passing of Donald 'Duck" Dunn over the weekend, because he was involved in what I consider to be one of the coolest things film can do.  

I think that The Blues Brothers movie, in which Dunn played himself, achieved something not a lot of movies can claim:

1) It was a movie about music.  Some of the best film (in my opinion) revolve around music.
2) The movie pulled off the balance between comedy and passion for music.
3)  Dunn and all The Blues Brothers acted, played themselves and performed great music in it.

That's a trifecta homerun for me. Thanks for the music Duck.

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Happy Mother's Day! Top 10 TV Moms

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there.  Honestly, If I had it my way, mothers should get one of these days once a month.  Then again some people have described me as a "Momma's Boy." 

To them I say "stop it or I'll tell my Mom." 

Here's the annual obligatory Top TV Mom's list.  Way to go Marge.

1. Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson

Show: The Simpsons
Why she made the list: Any mother who can deal with Bart and Homer for 23 years has to be a pretty good one. She is the thread that holds the family together.


2. Peggy Bundy

Peggy Bundy

Show: Married With Children
Why she made the list: Probably the poorest of the bunch, Peggy had to deal from episode to episode with a deadbeat husband, a deadbeat son and a dumb daughter. How they didn't all kill themselves is still amazing to me.

3. Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin

Show: Family Guy
Why she made the list: Her infant son is always trying to kill her and her dog is trying to sleep with her, yet she still loves them. A fine mother indeed.
BONUS: She is hot.

4. Kitty Forman

Kitty Forman

Show: That 70's Show
Why she made the list: She would keep secrets that would get Eric in trouble with Red, she was aways making sure everyone was well fed and let everyone hang out in the house (this includes letting Stephen move in) to keep them out of trouble.

5. Danny Tanner

Danny Tanner

Show: Full House
Why he made the list: After Pam was killed in a car crash, Danny was left to watch the girls. Sure, he had the help of Uncle Joey, Uncle Jesse and some others, but in the end it was always him running the show and raising those girls to be the best they could be.
BONUS: The only dad to make the list.
DOUBLE BONUS: He had a full-time job and still managed to be so great.


6. Jill Taylor

Jill Taylor

Show: Home Improvement
Why she made the list: Stereotypical mother. Did everything every mother should do. She wasn't bad but she wasn't that great either. Probably the most average mom here.

7. Carol Brady

Carol Brady

Show: The Brady Bunch
Why she is on the list: It's hard enough to handle your own kids, let alone 3 more from a new marriage. Job well done.

8. Liane Cartman

Liane Cartman

Show: South Park
Why she is on the list: Having Eric Cartman as a son.


9. Vivian Banks (Both of them)

Vivian Banks (Both of them)

Show: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Why she is on the list: "My nephew is getting into too much trouble in Philly? Sure send him here I'll take care of him!"

10. Carol Foster Lambert

Carol Foster Lambert

Show: Step by Step
How she made the list: Another step family matriarch, she handled 7 kids better than anyone I know (on tv).

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Now That's Lazy Boy!

Now that's how I should be getting around.  I wonder if it comes with a remote control?


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Music 411: Happy Birthday Billy Joel!
The Piano Man turns the big 63 today.  While there are many of his songs that I enjoy, I think I'm ready to retire one. 

It's not a bad song, but simply from overuse (of the song and the product), I think I have heard enough of "Captain Jack."



Then again, after listening to the live version of the song from a show in February, 1998 in Philadelphia, I say one more can't be all that bad.

Of course, the pic below could represent a complete night with Captain Jack.  Looks like a rough one to me. I'm gonna switch back to beer.

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Quarterback Cheeseburger Sandwich?
Did you hear that Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun are opening up a restaurant?

It's true.  They're calling it the 8*Twelve MVP Bar & Grill in Brookfield and they've already got a Facebook page up. It opens next month.

I wonder what the menu will look like?  They say they'll be serving american classics on a wood fired grill.

Here's some suggestions:
  • A Braun Burger on a Rodgers Roll
  • Grand Slam or Touchdown Burger
  • RBI Fries served with a Chipotle Quarterback rating dip
  • Lambeau Leap Limburger Cheese Sandwich with Chips Out Of Left Field
Wait a minute.  Scratch the quarterback rating dip.  I don't like the sound of that.  Got any other suggestions?
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Way To Represent Madison!

A heartfelt congrats going out to The Browns.  Dave and Rachel of Madison were the $1,000,000 winners on The Amazing Race last night. 

If you've listened to the station for a while, than you also know at one point I also applied to be on The Amazing Race in the 14th season.  The season that just wrapped up was the 20th season.  No call back yet, but that's OK.

Even though it wasn't me, I'm glad that the winner was from Madison.  Way to represent! 

Now, about that money.  Can I take out a loan?

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Giving Back To The Next Generation

I can't tell you how much this image is burned into my head, but that's a good thing.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to my alma mater Sennett Middle School in Madison.  The staff have invited me to take part in a the 8th Grade Career Fair.

I'm interested in how this is going to go.  The prep sheet the organizers gave me, said kids of groups of 2-3 will be coming around to a table I'll be at.  They're supposed to introduce themselves and give me a business handshake.  Uh oh.  That handshake thing could get out of control quickly.

No worries.  I'm 6' 1" with a mustache.  I'll be surprised if any of the kids muster up enough courage to even say hello.

I'm looking forward to it and I hope the kids will get something out of it too.


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The Best Dog Story You'll Hear Today
This story first was reported by a Tulsa, Oklahoma news station about Tanner the Golden Retreiver and Blair, his new best friend.  It's about a dog, who now has a guide dog.

After it first aired, a flood of offer to adopt them came in, but Tanner and Blair are still looking for thier permanent home.  I hope they find one.

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