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Adam Elliott

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Posts from June 2012

Movie Review: Ted

Rated R

Ted is a brilliant concept, but I needed more to love from this teddy bear.  It’s got a great buddy movie premise.  Two pot smoking, slacker, 30-something pals are best of friends.  Along comes a girl and one of them must choose between his old fun life and what could be his new grown up life. Except in this case, one of the buddies is a live Teddy Bear.

Mark Wahlberg is John, who’s dating Lori (Mila Kunis) and remains best friends with Ted (Seth McFarlane.)  John has to decide whether  advance his relationship with Lori, and how his childhood teddy bear can fit in. 

You quickly get past the fact that the bear is accepted as normal in society.  McFarlane is so good a bringing voices to life, you forget that it’s a bear that’s interfacing with humans.  A great concept, but where do you go from there?  You give the bear a Boston sized attitude and a mouth that begs to be washed out with soap. 

The Boston backdrop allows for some fun with accents and personalities, but the body of this movie is lacking comedy.  The over the top anti PC one-liners are entertaining.  The Jason Bourne style fight between an athletic man and a two foot teddy bear is amusing.  The laughs largely come through Ted’s dialogue.

If you took out the drugs, language and some of the bad behavior, you actually have a pretty solid kid’s movie here.  Something along the lines of A Christmas Story.   Apologies to any parents out there.  Don’t take the kids to this one, it earns the hard R Rating.  There’s some light adventure, there’s jokes and there’s a cute fuzzy stuffed animal.  It’s got heart.

I think Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane is a genuine comedic  talent.  He consistently brings the funny, but it’s usually on TV in a 22 minute format.  There were portions of Ted that made me laugh out loud, like when Ted’s irreverently bad behavior somehow gets him ahead at his grocery job. There were scenes that I just watched with a smile, and then there was the other hour and half.

Small note to Flash Gordon fans, (are there any out there?) The homage paid to the sci-fi film seemed offset by an irreverent party scene involving a lot of drugs.  It seemed a bit out of place.

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See You At Rhythm & Booms
Remember, the event starts at 5pm this year. Here's all the details.

It's gonna be hot, so prepare for that.  Also, prepare to see something like this: (the 2011 finale)

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Can I Pour You A Mixer?
When I choose to have an adult beverage (or two) my choice lately has been a Jack and Coke.   My mouth is watering as I think about it right now. 

So I was a bit surprised to find out this morning that all I needed was the cola to make it a alcohol drink, sort of.  According to a new study, Coke and Pepsi contain alcohol. 

Before you start to worry about the drunk driving and the kids drinking it, know this: You’d have to drink around 13,000 cans to break the law. 

Scientists tested 19 colas for alcohol and found 10, including the top brands contain traces.  Both Coke and Pepsi say tiny traces of alcohol can be produced by natural fruit fermenting.

12,999 bottles of Pepsi on the wall, 12,999 bottles of Pepsi...
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Gross Story Of The Day Award
I did quite enjoy seeing Scott and Heather squirm as I read this story this morning. It's a real thing, but I honestly can't see anyone outside of geeky scientists doing it.

Will sniffing a T-Shirt of a prospective partner help you find love? 

So called Pheromone Parties have met some success in parts of the country.  Guests are asked to  bring a T-shirt they’ve slept in, and then you pick a partner based on scent.

There is some science involved. Research studies using similar T-shirt experiments have shown that people prefer different human scents than our own…and our immune response — which researchers say is nature's way of preventing inbreeding and preserving genetic adaptations developed over time.

And double gross. Here's the rest of the story...

Image and story source: The Associated Press
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Quick Change!

This is pretty fun.  I came across this video from New York band Eytan and The Embassy.  You can feel the Beatles influence, but what's fun about his video is that I count 18 costume changes without a single edit.

See how many you can name.  I put my list together below the video.

Open costume: Himself
1. ?
2. ?
3. Jim Morrison
4. Bob Dylan
5. Frank Sinatra?
6. Elton John
7. Elvis Presley
8. David Bowie
9. Sid Vicious?
10. Bruce Springsteen
11. ? - generic 80's rockstar?
12. ?
13. Kurt Cobain
14. ?
15. Weird Al Yankovich
16. Beastie Boys
17. ?
18. Deadmau5
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Looks Like Something I'd Try
I was hanging out with my niece and nephew in Stoughton yesterday. 

On a hot day, necessity is the mother of invention.  I wish I came up with this for them...

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Not Exactly Sure I Buy This
A news story from today talked about how your consumer purchases might determine your politics.  A research firm says based on rigirous testing, they have found that Democrats and Republicans differ on the brands they prefer.

Here's their results from their Most Desired Brands Report:

This seems like pretty loose science to me.   What's the difference between Subway and Wendy's to most people?  I'm guessing probably not much.
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The Greatest Play On Words Of Them All
Its been said a million times, but I still love the pun: The Beatles. 

So simple, yet so apt. 

I suppose I like it even more today knowing that Paul McCartney has been on this planet for 70 years today.  He's not my favorite Beatle, but his is a great Beatle.

Happy Birthday Paul. 

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Movie Review: Rock Of Ages

Rated PG-13

This was a big hot mess of fun.  I suppose that describes the 1980s, this movie, and it’s star Tom CruiseRock Of Ages doesn’t reflect my life and experiences in the 1980s, but it perfectly captures how I reminisce about how cheesy, awkward and entertaining they were.
Set in 1987 in Los Angeles, Sherrie if fresh off the bus and meets Drew. Both are singers who have stars in their eyes and they fall in love.  Their paths cross with rock god Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise,) Stacee’s manager (Paul Giamatti,) and a rock club owner (Alec Bladwin) as their story arc plays out like most couples newly in love, who are also living inside of a musical.
I am a big fan of film musicals and while at times the mash ups of 80s hits featured in Rock Of Ages grinded on my nerves, I did appreciate the mood and fun atmosphere they set.  Then again there were moments, such as the recital of Night Ranger’s Sister Christian, that had beautiful echos of the Tiny Dancer scene from Almost Famous.  Somewhere in the 3rd act, that music gets pushed to the backburner for plot development, and its a mistake. 
The moments of this Off Broadway performance turned film that mock itself are the highlights.  The sex, alcohol and rock and roll ego are entertaining enough, but when the movie tries to take itself seriously, the joke is on the viewer.
Maybe one of the bigger shockers here is the big names that are on the billboard for the movie including Cruise, Baldwin, Russell Brand, Catherine Zeta Jones and Giamatti using their singing voices.  It’s more like a Glee sing along, but at least it’s not auto-tuned.  I think just to hear Giamatti sing one line from Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again may have been worth the price of admission.
While the love story between Sherrie and Drew is cute, the more interesting story is whether the rock club central to the story, The Bourbon Room, will stay open.  It’s trials and tribulations, which include a romantic(?) scene between Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand, was much more compelling.
80s fans look closely at the crowd scene singing Starship’s We Built This City.  Debbie Gibson, Kevin Cronin and Sebastian Bach are hanging out.  Mary J. Blige flat out wins the best vocal performance of the show.

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Happy Father's Day Dad

A card for you Dad.  In this economy, here's some justification that you were right


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Level 2: Gross Out Factor
I think he's just making a sound with his throat, but in any case, this was still the most entertaining thing I've seen today. 

It's fun to share with friends.
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I Won't Even Challenge This Guy

I have made it a personal mission to see as many movies as I can in this lifetime, but some guy in New York is just taunting me.

Comedian and film producer Mark Malkoff, started a  Netflix movie-thon on April 16.

In the first week alone, he watched 60 films for a total of 95.55 hours. 

By the halfway point of his endurance test, Malkoff had watched 117 films — a total of 189.4 hours — and had managed to get his per film cost down to $.068.

He did manage to slip out of the apartment, though he continued to watch movies on his iPhone and iPad. He even wrangled actor Andrew McCarthy to join him in the park for a viewing of St. Elmo's Fire.

By the time Mark ended the 30-day experiment, he'd watched 252 films, including approximately 29.4 hours of closing credits.

He averaged more than 13 hours a day of movie watching for a total of 404.25 hours. More importantly, he only spent $.032/film.

Unfortunately,  he also gained six pounds.  Steer clear of the butter on the popcorn buddy!

Here's his other comedic endeavors:


Source: The Consumerist

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Now That's Adorable
We've seen those videos of our Military members coming home and surprising family and friends, and they are quite heartwarming.

Here's a new take, where a Military mom reunites with her dog, who apparently missed Mom a lot.

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