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Adam Elliott

What does Adam have to say?
Posts from October 2012

What? No Poltergeist??!
According to researchers at the University of Westminster, watching horror movies burns calories.  That's because getting scared causes your heart rate to increase.           
You burn a third more calories than normal when you watch something scary . . . which is the equivalent of a candy bar.  Here are the 10 movies that burn the MOST calories:
#1.)  "The Shining":  184 calories.
#2.)  "Jaws":  161 calories.
#3.)  "The Exorcist":  158 calories.
#4.)  "Alien":  152 calories.
#5.)  "Saw":  133 calories.
#6.)  "A Nightmare on Elm Street":  118 calories.
#7.)  "Paranormal Activity":  111 calories.
#8.)  "The Blair Witch Project":  107 calories.
#9.)  "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre":  105 calories.
#10.)  "[Rec]":  It's a Spanish horror movie.  101 calories.
What!  No Poltergeist?  It's stll the scariest movie in my book.
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Back From Vacation
I feel a little bit like this back at the office.

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Wish I Had This Cooking Skill
For all the cooking shows I have watched, I still don't think I'm anywhere near a pro. 

After seeing this, I think I could fake it a little better.
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Badger Marching Band Is Still Better
Nothing can top a good 5th Quarter from the UW Marching Band, but this is pretty cool.  This happned at last weekend's Oho State vs Nebraska game.  How many video games can you name?
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Halloweeen Costume Idea
There's the standard old hot dog trick, but...

Remember this photo from a couple weeks ago?  Very topical costume idea!

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Topics: Human Interest

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Halloween Costumes? Don't Go Here
If you're looking to buy a Halloween costume this year, you apprently need to  AVOID THESE.  Some of the worst ones seen are a sexy Oscar the Grouch . . . a 'big foot' costume that's not the half-man, half-ape but literally a large foot . . . a costume of the Sun that's just a yellow felt circle with a few points . . . and a woman's full-body jumpsuit that has "Halloween" printed on it for no apparent reason.

#5.)  Cry Baby Adult Costume.  This costume features an oversized tan polyester bodysuit with a large white diaper and a bib that says "Cry Baby."  Rather hideous.
#4.)  Sexy Oscar the Grouch.  Last year "Sesame Street" released a line of sexier adult costumes.  Some, like Elmo and Cookie Monster, might be okay.  But putting a garbage can lid on your head and wearing a skirt with a garbage can print is not.
#3.)  Big Foot.  This isn't Bigfoot, the half-man, half-ape.  This is a costume where you're wearing a giant foot.  With hairy toes.  And it costs $50.
#2.)  The Sun.  This costume is just lazy.  Basically it's a big yellow felt circle with a few points sticking out.  And it costs $40.
#1.)  A Woman's Jumpsuit That Says "Halloween."  It's not even a costume.  It's a cheap-looking full-body jumpsuit that inexplicably has the word "Halloween" printed near the left shoulder. 
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People: Cookie MonsterElmo Monster

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It's The Weekend. I'll Toast To That
Maybe just not as much as these guys. Yikes!
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Just Give Him The Honey!
I think just about everone agrees that this was a bad move, but surprisingly it worked.

I wonder what happenes when her kids don't clean their room.  Watchout!
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Yellin' At The Price Is Right
Really, who hasn't yelled at the contestants?  This particular lady deserves some serious heckling.
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