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Adam Elliott

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Posts from June 2013

Somebody Owes You Something
For all the commuters out there, who go 20 miles or more like me.  This certianly won't put any money back in your pocket...but maybe you'll feel better that everybody at work is paying for it.

According to a new study, the average person spends $406 every month on work-related expenses.  That's $4,872-a-year . . . or about 10% of the average American salary. 

So apparently you need a job just to afford HAVING a job?  Here's how it breaks down . . .

  • Commuting costs $248-a-month, or $2,976-a-year.  Whether it's getting gas, taking public transportation, or parking fees.
  • Lunch and snacks, $90-a-month or $1,080-a-year.
  • Coffee, $21-a-month or $252-a-year.
  • Random birthday and retirement gifts for coworkers, $9.50-a-month or $114-a-year.
  • Work wardrobe, $24-a-month or $288-a-year.
  • Sponsoring your coworkers' charity walks, buying their kids' cookies and candy, and other donations . . . $3-a-month or $36-a-year.
  • Expenses you forget to claim, $10.50-a-month or $126-a-year.


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