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Adam Elliott

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Posts from July 2013

Who Was Your Wedding Band?
I'm guessing not a lot of people can say 'Journey' played their wedding...unless of course you're a band member.

Neal Schon, who has been the only consistent member of Journey throughout the years says he's going to tie the knot later this year with a Z-List celebrity.  The celeb in question: Michaele Salahi.  Remember her...the White House Party Crasher from 2009.  She's no longer married to the guy she was with at the time of the party crashing, but the status she gained from the incident was apparetly enough to get her a meeting with Neal Schon...and we now know how that's ended up.

She also made an appearance on the extremely short lived Housewives of DC. As for me...I'm not sure why anyone watches those shows.

Oh well...any bets that Faithfully will be the wedding song? 
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