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Adam Elliott

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Ah-Nold Terminates The Pleasantries

arnold-schwarzenegger-the-terminatorBrowsing through the news today, I saw this story which caught my attention. It nearly gave me a headache, but I'm sure it's not a tumor.

California's Governor Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger seems to be a bit upset with his state of politics. From what I can see...he told his fellow politicians to go sit on it. OK, that's putting it nicely. He didn't full out pump them full of lead, but in a rather boring letter about budget negotiations, he seemingly drops a major F-BOMB in their direction.

I've been known to do a puzzle or two, so I know when the words line up the right way it's rarely a mistake. As you see in this letter, the letters on the left side of each paragraph seem to spell out the naughtiest of all curse words.

Was it a mistake or on purpose? I think he may be getting bored of all that governing and was trying to entertain himself.

Then again, this seems kind of clever. I may be giving him too much credit.

Hasta la vista, Baby. I gotta go. Somebody is knocking on the door asking for a Sarah Connor.


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10/28/2009 1:46PM
Ah-Nold Terminates The Pleasantries
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