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Adam Elliott

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An Odd Twist To The Memorial

MME082After hearing this story today, I'm not sure some of the other Michael Jackson bizarre stories are actually that bizarre.

Its been reported that they are burying Michael today without his brain.

The brain is still out for testing, and the family said they're OK with not waiting for it to be returned for burial. I can understand the medical reasons for what they're doing, but doesn't that mean that his brain is going to be out there somewhere.

Where is the brain going to go? Will the brain of the King of Pop be saved in a jar on a shelf as we wait for technology to come along and find out a way to revive the brain? Is this going to be Young Frankenstein Part II?

Maybe we shouldn't be messing with the ideal at all. I've read Steven King's Pet Cemetary.

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07/07/2009 5:29AM
An Odd Twist To The Memorial
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