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Adam Elliott

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Bacon: The Miracle Cure(d) All

I'm not sure that this is the medical breakthrough that everyone was hoping for, but nonetheless, it is news.

Here's the story that Scott, Heather and I were talking about today.  Just don't eat any food before, during or after reading:

Bacon cures nose bleeds? The bacon craze had already gone too far, but this latest finding suggests it will continue down that path of lunacy. A new study, printed in a real medical journal (Annals of Otolaryngology), found that using strips of cured bacon helped those afflicted with chronic nose-bleeds.

"Cured salted pork crafted as a nasal gauze and packed within the nasal vaults successfully stopped nasal hemorrhage promptly, effectively, and without sequelae" (or aftereffect of the condition), explains the study.

Apparently they used to do these sorts of the things back in the day, but bacteria caused all sorts of infection, so doctors stopped. Now that bacon's back in, there seems no better place to stick those delicious smelling sticks of fat.

Thanks to The for this story...I think.

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01/25/2012 9:06AM
Bacon: The Miracle Cure(d) All
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