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Adam Elliott

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Bond. Mr & Mrs. Bond

Leave it up to a super spy to get married without anybody knowing about it.

Last week in a secret ceremony, current James Bond Daniel Craig tied the knot with actress Rachael Weisz.  (Nice choice if I do say so myself.)

While I think that Daniel Craig is a decent James Bond, I don't think he is the greatest James Bond.  I know this may be controversial, especially to my movie-loving friends, but here is my list of the greatest portrayals of James Bond.
Side Trivia Note: Since Daniel Craig got married, you can impress your friends with this James Bond fact.  The only James Bond movie where Bond takes a wife is 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service." can also amaze your friends by telling them that when going undercover, James Bond  also got faux-married in "You Only Live Twice."

Best movie James Bond actors:
#6 - George Lazenby - Mr. One and Done.  While On Her Majesty's Secret Service had some cool skiing action sequences, you never really got the feel for Bond.

#5 - Daniel Craig - I really didn't like the choice of Craig over Clive Owen, but Craig is growing on me.

#4 - Sean Connery - I know.  Purists will rake me over the coals for this low ranking.  The fact is Connery as James Bond was not so much a ladies man as he was a sexist.  I'm still a bit shocked watching Goldfinger and Dr. No these days.

#3 - Timothy Dalton - He's an underrated James Bond, but I thought The Living Daylights and License To Kill were thrilling.

#2 - Roger Moore - Oh yeah.  The first James Bond I was introduced to.  He was smooth and satirical.  He also fought Jaws (Richard Kiel,) who I got to interview once.

#1 - Pierce Brosnan - He fit a tux better than the rest.   Brosnan was charming, calm, cool and collective on top of being silky and smooth.  Do I have a man crush on him?  Maybe.

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06/27/2011 5:55AM
Bond. Mr & Mrs. Bond
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