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Adam Elliott

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Can't Look At Corn Today

Like many of you, I paid a visit to the Sun Prairie Corn Fest over the weekend. 

While i took great pleasure in watching my 11 year old niece and 6 year old nephew screaming i terror while riding the swinging pirate ship amusement ride, I really appreciated the corn accounting measures.

At the gate where the corn is served, there lies a sign that says "6 Ears Of Corn Per Tote."  Seems reasonable.  That should give two ears per person if you're splitting it three ways, or give a big guy like me a large meal with a little to take home.

So, I bought a tote for myself, only to have the server load it up with something close to 13 ears of corn. HOLY CORN BATMAN!

Long story short.  I had eight ears of corn yesterday and now am on corn overload. If there was only a way to alter the corn for another meal. 

Oh.  I know: add BACON!

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08/20/2012 9:15AM
Can't Look At Corn Today
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08/22/2012 3:25PM
Where are you at?
I t was good to log on the website and see you were still with WOLX. I listen every am and have been sadened to not hear your comments on the brian strain and of course your news/weather /and traffic report for quite sometime. Will you be back on the am show? I know I miss you and if I'm missing and wondering where you are other are as well. Maybe have Heather and Scott give the listners an update on your whereabouts... Take care Adam Elliott!
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