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Adam Elliott

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Conan, Leno, Idol And Skiing


Tim Leary suggested we turn on, tune in and drop out.  How about I just tune in or tune out some TV shows this week?

I'm not sure what makes me want to tune out quicker?  That goofy debacle over the NBC late night slot, American Idol (which starts tomorrow night), or a lame-o sketch on Saturday Night Live.

I don't mean to rake NBC over the coals, but this seems kind of backhanded to yank Conan out of his place. (Especially since I'm a fan.) You can't give him The Tonight Show and then put it on later. Not cool!

Here we go again for another American Idol season too. I've been wishing since season 3 that this show would fade off into the sunset. It's just not my thing, but oh well, here we go again.

What makes me want to tune in once again is Saturday Night Live. I haven't seen a really good show from them until I tuned in Charles Barkely show on Saturday. He's a big doofus and they know how to make him funny. Huzzah SNL, I'll stop taking jabs at NBC if you keep the funny up.

Here's one of the better sketches from the weekend:

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01/11/2010 6:50AM
Conan, Leno, Idol And Skiing
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