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Yesterday I had occasion to go to the D.M.V.  Just the thought of going makes most sigh.  But why?  I think that the stereotype of the DMV being a big time hassle is just that, a stereotype. 

I went to the location in West Madison, and was greeted by the person at the reception desk professionally and with a smile.  I told her what I needed to do, she checked that I had the right forms and documents and then started me on step one of the process.

She sent me over to the desk where you get your picture taken and sign the electronic device that puts that signature on your driver's license.  The worker there was handling a customer ahead of me that was not a happy camper.  He had trouble with the signature pad, and was voicing his displeasure.  But the DMV worker handled it calmly and professionally.  Then when it was time for that guy to get his picture taken he was reluctant, telling the worker that if he didn't like his driver's license picture he was going to cut up his license and send it back.  "Gee, buddy, you should see my driver's license picture".  Again, the worker took care of things with the golden rule in mind. 

OK on to the next counter.  Getting my plates.  And my car was coming back into the US from Canada, so not a typical process that the DMV handles every few minutes.  But again, he handled it professionally and with the utmost courtesy.  Within 30 minutes I was in and out.  Driver's license.  Wisconsin Title.  License Plates.  Smile on my face. 

So maybe we need to drop the stereotype.  And take customer service tips from the DMV!  Did I just say that?

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03/16/2011 1:49PM
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