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Adam Elliott

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Did You Hear About The Soccer Ball?

That scene from Cast Away where Tom Hanks' character breaks down when his volleyball "Wilson" drifts away in the ocean, still chokes me up.

Call me emotional, but it's a well performed scene.

There was a report over the weekend that reminded me of the shot from "Cast Away," where a soccer ball washed up on an Alaska shoreline.  They believe the soccer ball was from the tsunami that hit Japan more than a year ago.  That means it traveled more than 3,000 miles across the water to reach Alaska. It had Japanese charcters on it that tied it to a school that was hit in the area affected by the tsunami. 

When you think of the depth of that story, for me, it kind of choked me up like that scene from Cast Away did.

Sounds like they're in the process of returning the ball back to Japan, so there may be a satisfying ending to this story too.

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04/23/2012 7:13AM
Did You Hear About The Soccer Ball?
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