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Adam Elliott

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Does Beer Make You Smarter?

Just ask any beer drinker and they will most likely tell you it's true.

A new study suggests a little beer actually improves your brain skills. Researchers at the University of Illinois in Chicago got a group of 40 men to compete in a bar game in which they were given three words, and asked to come up with a fourth that fit the pattern. Half were given two pints of beer, the other half were sober.

Amazingly, the tipsy team won, solving 40% more problems and faster too. They think low blood alcohol levels make people worse at memory tasks, but my increase creative problem solving skill.

They think it has something to do with alcohol lowering inhibitions, allowing people to blurt things out faster.

Then again, if you look at it from Steven Colbert's perspective...

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04/13/2012 9:36AM
Does Beer Make You Smarter?
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