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JIm McGaw
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The Brain Strain


Don't block the t.v.

Tis the season.  Hockey playoffs are about to begin.  Nothing changes at my house.  I watch every game.  But if the only time you watch the NHL is the playoffs, here we go.

Other t.v. news:  The producers of  "Dancing With The Stars" say they will not punish dancer Karina Smirnoff in any way for posing for Playboy.  However, they did warn Kirstie Alley not to get any ideas.

Gotta be one of the most stunning eliminations in American Idol history, Pia Toscano was sent home last week.  One theory:  Young girls who do most of the voting didn't take to her.  Or another:  Viewers thought everyone was going to vote for her, so they voted for someone else.

Controversial?  Pia is the fifth straight female to be eliminated.  Why are males winning this show?

So since Idol Pia has reportedly already signed a recording contract.  US Weekly magazine reports Jimmy Iovine's record company,  Interscope,  signed her after the show last week, and allegedly has top songwriters sending songs for a rush release album.  She was on Jay Leno on Friday night, singing River Deep, Mountain High which she performed on the last week of Idol.

Okay, game on! 

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04/11/2011 5:31AM
Don't block the t.v.
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