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Adam Elliott

What does Adam have to say?

Drag Me To Hell

Rated PG-13 - 1h39

Reviewed 5.28.09

When it comes to horror movies, they don’t get much better than Drag Me To Hell.

Not only does the film deliver on its promise, it delivers scares with camp, wit and style. Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is a loan officer who has a good job, a great boyfriend (Justin Long), and a bright future. In her job, she refuses to help a woman with a loan extension. The woman curses her, so in three days, Christine is going to hell.

I think we’ve long been inundated with the idea that horror movies have to involve a serial murder hunting sexy teens in the forest. Director Sam Raimi has completed the task of scary-fun-entertainment. Sc-fun-ment if you will.

We see an enticing mix of comedy and horror here. For every time something jumps out at you, you are rewarded with an equally silly moment to calm your nerves back down.

Another treat is the how the film technically looks. In a car scene, we’re expecting someone to pop up in the back seat of the car. We know it’s going to happen, and when we see it happening, it’s not scary until the director lets it be.

Bottom line is this was a fun movie experience. With the PG-13 rating this can and should be seen by a larger audience because it’s a good example of what a good scary movie can be.

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Overall rating: No further explanation needed.

Date Freindly: Will the “dater? get a smooch from the “datee? for taking them to this one.

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Includes scenery, camera work, presentation on film, ability to convey a message.

Drama: How much they poured it on and whether it was effective.

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Will the kids dig it.

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05/28/2009 8:16AM
Drag Me To Hell
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