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Adam Elliott

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Fantastic Mr. Fox

fantasticmrfoxRated PG – 1h27 -

In the new world of all digital animation, Fantastic Mr. Fox stands out as a unique and clever tail.

Based on a kids book of the same name, the story is about a sly fox, who gives up his chicken hunting days and gets domesticated. I couldn’t say he is a completely honorable hero, because his main job is stealing. So goes the life of a fox. Twelve years after his son is born, Mr. Fox (George Clooney) feels his wild animals instincts kick in and needs to make one more chicken raid.

That one last score, escalates into an all-out battle between the farmers and Mr. Fox, which threatens his family and his animal friends. It forces Mr. Fox to use his quick wits to save the day.

Backed up by an all-star cast including Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe and Owen Wilson, the dialogue is almost as strong as the animation. I felt some of it got lost in the mix, because of the film’s quick pace.

It’s also good to note the continuity and non-sugar coating of the animals. They are, wild animals. They hunt, kill and don’t always show their scruples. Then again, the humans in the story are not exactly honorable either. They use automatic weapons, explosives and destroy nature in the midst of the hunt.

Knowing the process behind the painstakingly lengthy effort of stop motion animation, gave the feeling that you are watching art in motion. Still, it’s a double-edged sword. Its unfortunate that the work gets hidden in the story, but it’s necessary to blend it in, so we believe the characters are real. And we do believe the realness, right down to the fur moving on their face when the animals talk.

Fantastic Mr. Fox feels more like a kids movie than one for adults, even though the director Wes Anderson is know for his quirky and smarter-than-thou selections. I found the charming and low-key humor entertaining. It should rank in the top five of best animated films of the year.

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11/29/2009 8:50AM
Fantastic Mr. Fox
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11/30/2009 10:21AM
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03/04/2010 8:18AM
mr. adam
[...] events throughout the country. Check them out because chances are he'll be somewhere near you! HereWOLX Fantastic Mr. FoxPosted by Adam Elliott on November 29, 2009. Fantastic Mr. Fox. Posted ... with Adam. Rated PG 1h27 [...]
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