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Hated The Rachel?!

Actress Jennifer Anniston has come out publicly against the haircut that made her famous...yep, turns out she thinks "The Rachel" is the ugliest haircut she's ever seen.  She wore the cut for the first two seasons of the TV show Friends.  Wow.  Oh, how I coveted that haircut!  I wanted it so badly!  My hair, bless its heart, is simply not thick enough to ever pull off "The Rachel".  But I had a friend (haha) whose hair was perfect for the cut--same color, thickness, vavavoom-ness (I made that word up, sure).  I loved going places with her because of all the compliments she received--women adored her hair!  To find out the actress credited with the trend hated it...well, that just stinks.

     What trendy do is a don't in your book?

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01/18/2011 7:49AM
Hated The Rachel?!
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06/05/2012 12:50AM
I hope you get alopecia and die you b*tch.
10/16/2013 5:04AM
The Rachel
I love the Rachel!!! It is such an awesome haircut!!
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