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JIm McGaw
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The Brain Strain


Hey Brian in Waterloo.....Read this!

After sharing the following survey on WOLX this morning, Lisa called and asked me to post this, so her husband could read it.

Researchers at the Institute for Evolutionary Studies at New York's Binghamton University surveyed over 5,000 single adults on their dating expectations.
They found that men today are quicker to fall in love than women, and more interested in love, marriage and having children.
Meanwhile, women are much more concerned about maintaining their independence than their mothers were. 78 percent of women say having their own "personal space" is very important, compared to 58 percent of men, and they're also more likely than men to want their own hobbies and to go out with their friends.

Researchers say that over the past 40 years, it appears that men have started becoming women and women turning into men.
Ok that last paragraph I made up. But I'm thinking if this is an ongoing trend, George Clooney could become an endangered species.

And good luck to Brian and Lisa, and thanks for listening!

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02/08/2011 6:17AM
Hey Brian in Waterloo.....Read this!
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02/08/2011 7:32AM
I read this!
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