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Adam Elliott

What does Adam have to say?

How Would You Like To Be Contacted?

Does that question make you jittery?  I imagine it does with some people.  The reason?  If you hear from someone you haven't heard from in a while, the natural assumption is bad news.

No worries, I'm not going to call your cell anytime soon.

There was a new study out today on how ineffective work emails are.  That got me thinking about how I prefer to be contacted by people.  It's a natural part of life and work, but really, do you want your boss calling your personal cell phone?

Ways I prefer to be contacted in a business communication
  1. Email
  2. Text
  3. Come into my office and say hello
  4. Shouting down the office hall
  5. Hanging out at the water cooler
  6. Phone call
  7. Voice mail
  8. Snail mail
  9. In a meeting (any type meeting)
Ways I prefer to be contacted in a personal communication
  1. Text
  2. Phone call
  3. Email
  4. Social network
  5. Snail Mail
  6. Voice mail
  7. Land line (that'll be tough since I don't have one)
  8. Meeting in the real world (do people still do this?)
  9. Coming over to my house (You have got to be kidding!?!!)
Of course, these can change depending on the person.  (I'm not going to ask my grandmother to text me.)

In any case, here's the new science:
The vast majority of work emails you send and receive are unnecessary or inefficient—and suck up both your time and your employer's money, finds a new study. After tracking the email habits of company executives, researchers found 80% of the messages sent were wasteful and would have been better communicated via a phone call or face-to-face conversation. When the execs cut back on their emailing by half, their employees followed suit without being told, and the company gained an estimated 10,400 employee hours. Email prevents deep focus with constant interruptions.

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08/27/2013 9:26AM
How Would You Like To Be Contacted?
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