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Popcorn & A Movie

Adam Elliott blogs about movies, cinema life and other goofy things.

I Am Cell Phone Cursed

I should just not have a cell phone.  I am CURSED!

You may recall back in the winter of 2009, when I accidentally dropped my iPhone in a snow bank while shoveling.   I found it 4 1/2 months later, but only after replacing it at a hefty cost.

I've done it again.

This morning while washing my hands, I set my phone on the sink edge and it slid in.  It was under the running water for about 1.5 seconds before I snatched it out.   The damage may have been done.  Instead of being a smart person who turned the phone off and tried to dry it out.  I tried to make a call.

I've lost the speaker that goes next to your ear, rendering the phone mostly useless.  Seems like everything else works, including the external iPod speaker.

After multiple suggestions from my Facebook friends, I have the phone sitting in a box of Instant Enriched Long Grain Premium Minute Rice.  I hope it dries it out.  We'll keep it there for 24 hours and see what happens.

In the meantime, I can't stop looking inside the rice box to see what's happening. I had to tape it shut.  It is too much temptation to keep looking inside.

Also, I wonder if I could use the rice afterward for cooking?

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04/11/2011 5:51AM
I Am Cell Phone Cursed
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