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Adam Elliott blogs about movies, cinema life and other goofy things.

If The 2013 Oscars Were Held Today

Since it's Oscars weekend, I took a look back at the films I've seen in 2013 and wondered who would be nominated for Best Picture if they held the 2013 Oscars today.

i can tell you what won't be on the list for sure. Here's some of the multi-sequel treats that Hollywood has in store for us this year:
  • Fast & The Furious 6
  • Paranormal Activity 5
  • Hangover 3
  • Smurfs 2
Surprisingly, that's not a countdown, they just keep cranking out sequels in hopes that we will spend our hard earned dollars on them.

Nope, none of those will garner much recognition.  If we based the Oscar Picks for 2013 based on what has already come out, there are two clear standouts.
  1. Side Effects (2013) - A suspense thriller about the world of the industrial pharmeutical complex.  Very well done.
  2. Warm Bodies - A Romeo and Juliet like story, involving zombies who turn back into humans because of love.
Both are worthy.  I say let them start the acceptance speech now.

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02/22/2013 7:24AM
If The 2013 Oscars Were Held Today
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