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Adam Elliott blogs about movies, cinema life and other goofy things.

Movie Review: History Of The Eagles

I often find that the movies I really love tend to revolve around music.  If it isn't the main subject, music plays a large role.  I am a fan of both cinema and music. Two great tastes that taste great together, I say.

The new documentary The History Of The Eagles is a must see for audiophiles, music lovers and even fringe fans of The Eagles.  
It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, and then on Showtime in February.  Showtime doesn't seem to have it in their On Demand section yet, so search the listings for it.  it will be released for sale on April 30th on DVD.

The film is split into two sections; Part 1 & 2.  Part 1 covers the creation of the band, their rise to success in the 1970's and the breakup in 1980.  Part 2 covers the reunion from 1994 and on. The History Of The Eagles provides intimate and rare archival footage including some never before seen home movie footage.

The behind the scenes footage of the band is like eating candy.

I found the head-on medium shots of Glen Frey and Don Henley a little offsetting.  The doc revolves around current interview pieces with Frey and Henley and it's almost as if they are directing from in front of the camera.   That's not a big surprise, because after watching, I now believe the Frey and Henley have the biggest egos in the universe. 

You don't think of these two as like a team such as Lennon/McCartney or John/Taupin, but a good case could be made that they deserve that type of credit.

Even the biggest Eagles fan will walk away with some new info about the band from this doc.   Without spoiling some of the fantastic nuggets of Eagles trivia that you get I will say these are the brilliant bits of info I pulled from it. 
  • Bob Seger was Glen Frey's mentor in the late 60s in Detroit.  You can really hear Frey really trying to punch the backup vocals in 1969's "Ramblin' Gambling Man."
  • Don Henley and  Glen Frey met in Southern Californina in the early 70s while on the same record label, but in different bands. They immediatley got along because both of their fathers worked in the automotive industry and had a love of classic cars. In fact, Frey had a 1955 Chevy that he and Henley tooled around in, which he called "Gladys." The Eagles recorded Tom Waite's song Ol' 55 on the On The Border album.

i won't give any more away, but you will find out the origin of the name "The Eagles."  You'll find out how Glen Frey summed up the trinity of rock and roll in one sentence.  You'll also see the rare footage and audio of Glen Frey literally threatening Don Felder with fisticuffs, on stage in 1980, a key moment leading to the breakup. This movie is pure rock and roll.

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03/20/2013 2:48PM
Movie Review: History Of The Eagles
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03/22/2013 5:38PM
Sad Eagles
I enjoyed this one too. Just wished the band would have been happier. They are a gloomy group. Thank God for Joe.
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