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Adam Elliott

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Jennifer's Body


Rated R – 1h42

This was just like Twilight, except funny, witty, scary and interesting.

Jennifer’s Body starts off with a narration where they say “life as a teenage girl is hell.” Little did we know how much hell is on the way. Small town BFF’s, Jennifer is the head cheerleader you wish you dated in high school. Needy is a plain Jane.

Jennifer (Megan Fox) and Needy (Amanda Sigfried) opt to go see a band from the city. Assumedly with intentions that will make their father’s cry. After that night, Jennifer is forever changed into a demon-like killing machine, who now prefers boys for their blood type, instead of their cuteness.

The carnage that follows confused me at first. I wasn’t sure if I was watching a straight up scary movie or a teen flick with dark tones. Once I figured out this was a mockingly delicious dark comedy, I was completely on board.

What really perked my interest in this movie was the written direction of Diablo Cody, who put her own special touch on “Juno” and Showtime’s “The United States of Tara.” She knows how to draw color from life’s dark and dark tones. She seems to bring an artistic truth to her work, which makes this movie above and beyond the usual teen horror flick.

Say what you will about Megan Fox, but I like her. No, not just for eye candy, although she is easy on the eyes. She may just be the flavor of the day, but at least she’s been honest about her performances. She doesn’t think she’s the second coming, she’s just another actress. An incredibly striking-smoking- drooling-hot, normal, regular actress.

(Out of Four)
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09/20/2009 1:00PM
Jennifer's Body
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