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Jason Ryan
I'm a daydream believer.

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June 23, 2009: Can you feel it?

     Hot Hot Hot!  My son wants to try the "frying of the egg on the sidewalk" experiment.  You know the one--steaming hot asphalt, fresh egg hitting the pavement and scorching it to sunny side up.  All he's heard for the last several days is how hot it's supposed to be today.  So I imagine later this afternoon you'll find us on a black top somewhere, cracking away.
     I also expect to whip out the slip and slide, load the water guns and apply boatloads of sunscreen.  Or maybe, just maybe, I can talk my son into a nice air-conditioned movie during the hottest part of today.  The egg can wait.

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06/23/2009 7:24AM
June 23, 2009: Can you feel it?
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