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June 26, 2009: Explaining Michael Jackson

     What to say and what NOT to say to my second grader...I simply left out everything but the musical impact Michael Jackson made on the world.  
     Sam knew something was up when I turned on the TV in addition to the radio yesterday.  I just said that a very famous musician had died and that  people around the world would be mourning his loss.  I told him about Michael as a boy in the Jackson 5 and Michael as a young man on MTV.  I told him that Michael was older than his dad and that he had a cardiac arrest and doctors couldn't save his life but that they tried.  
     I didn't tell him about the weirdness, the strangeness surrounding Michael Jackson.  I also didn't mention the fact he was acquitted of crimes that lots of people still think he's guilty of (much less what the accusations actually were).
     My son was satisfied with our talk about Michael Jackson and he went on to play with his Spiderman toys.  I kept listening to Michael Jackson's music long into the night.

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06/26/2009 8:23AM
June 26, 2009: Explaining Michael Jackson
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