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Adam Elliott

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Just Watching My Buddy's Back

Paul McCartney got hitched yesterday for the third time and being a long time confidant and very close personal friend of the rocker, I can say that I am pleased.

Seriously, when you've know somebody for as long as I've known Paul (or Paul-eee as I call him,) you need to make sure that he's not getting himself into trouble. You know, that last marriage cost him some big money to resolve.

It's not that my bro Paul is anywhere near the poorhouse, but he's worked a long career and as his friend, I hate to see him lose all of the stuff that he's worked for.

I was so relieved to hear this his new wife, Nancy is independently wealthy.   That means they both brought a lot to the table.  I truly hope that the third time is the charm for mi amigo, so he'll never have to worry about marrying, divorcing and the hefty post-divorce settlements again.  That's a big burden on my comrade. He shouldn't have to deal with that again.

I am also so glad that M-C (my other pet name for him) signed a prenuptial agreement too. ...

What?  Paul-eee didn't sign one this time either?   Arrrrrhhhhhhgggggghhh!!!

I'm trying to help you here!  You're killin me!

Side note to this story: I have never met Paul McCartney the singer.  I am referring to the Paul McCartney, who I grew up with on the east side of Madison in the 80's.  Did I not make that clear?

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10/11/2011 4:20AM
Just Watching My Buddy's Back
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10/13/2011 2:54AM
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