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Adam Elliott

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Let The Olympics Begin

The athletes are arriving in London today with the Summer Olympic games just 12 days away.   

While Canoe Slalom, Table Tennis and Trampoline remain in the games, there are some sports that have been cut over the years.  Check out's list of oddball sports that no one competes in anymore.  Distance Plunging sounds like a fun game for kids in the pool.

Distance Plunging: The event required athletes to dive into the pool and coast underwater without moving their limbs. After 60 seconds had passed – or competitors had floated to the surface, whichever came first – referees measured the distance the athletes had drifted

Live Pigeon Shooting While competitors typically shot at disc-shaped targets called clay pigeons, the 1900 Games in Paris went with livelier targets – real pigeons. Live birds were held and released, as athletes took aim at the moving targets. Reportedly more than 300 birds were killed in the event.

Image: courtesy of Getty Images

Tug Of War  Official rules stipulated that an eight-man team had to pull their opponents six feet to win. If either side failed to do so, judges gave the struggle a further five minutes and then declared the team who had made the most progress the victors.

Croquet  Croquet is credited with being the first Olympic event in which women participated

Dueling Pistols
Confusingly, the event consisted of no actual dueling as individuals merely shot at plaster dummies dressed in frock coats from a distance of 20 or 30 meters.

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07/16/2012 9:10AM
Let The Olympics Begin
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