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Midseason TV

      Sunday night kicked off the midseason extravaganza of tv shows for us...The Amazing Race 18 (on CBS) has been anticipated by all the Moores.  Past contestants, none of whom have ever won, compete again in the race around the world!  The episode started with a bang and ended, well, it didn't "end".  To Be Continued flashed on the screen after an hour that flew by! 

     While doing time on the treadmill yesterday I saw another favorite show is coming back with new episodes next week.  It's Anthony Bourdain's: No Reservations on the Travel Channel.  He's a chef.  He travels places and he eats but there is so much more to the show. 

     And, as much as I've enjoyed the American version of the British show Top Gear, I am through the roof excited with new episodes of the British Top Gear on BBC America.  It is a show about cars but, again, that doesn't do it justice.

     What new shows are you watching?  Any you'd recommend to me?

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02/22/2011 6:50AM
Midseason TV
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