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The Brain Strain


Monday 6th Brain Strain

25% of pet owners have done THIS

Incorrect Guesses:  sleep with their pets, brush their teeth, dress them up, eat their food, put the pet in their will, clip toe nails too short, microchip them, celebrate their Birthday, take them on an airplane,have them surf or skateboard, take them swimming, have them stuffed when they pass away, take them on vacation, use a pet sitter, take them fishing, put them to sleep, take them hiking, to a spa, blow dry their hair after a bath, pick up after them

Correct Answer:  smuggled them into a hotel that doesn't allow pets.

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08/06/2012 9:18AM
Monday 6th Brain Strain
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08/06/2012 9:39AM
That's right there part of the family.I don't eat what they do but they do have a new good that you can eat it stays frozen you can take out what you like give to them frozen or let defrost .they tryed to eat my anew reversalists renewal cream from Avon that I sale by the in case someone asks.
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