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Adam Elliott blogs about movies, cinema life and other goofy things.

Movie Review: Blue Valentine

Rated R – 1h52

It’s funny how hard it is to watch somebody’s life completely fall to pieces. Still, I think the draw to watching mistake after mistake until the downward spiral bottoms out, is the cautionary lesson you can hopfully take from it.

Blue Valentine time shifts around the lives of Cindy (Michelle Williams) and Dean (Ryan Gosling.) Quite the opposite of a romantic comedy, we watch the married couple make the heart-wrenching and heavy relationship decisions that we hope we never have to make.

People always wish that they could be young again, but surviving the emotional strife that these two twenty-something go through seems like too far a mountain for me to climb. I could feel the pending sense of doom for this pair from the moment they decided that their song was one that goes “you always hurt the one you love.”

Dean is all heart and no brains. A romantic lunkhead. Cindy is emotionally fragile from a troubled home life. We watch their relationship from beginning to it’s breakdown and worst of all, see them completely forget the reasons they decided to get married.

The viewer is left to piece together what went wrong. Makes you hope that when the time comes, you can do the same.

I personally still find it hard to watch Michelle Williams without having some kind of sad thought about how her family was shattered after the death of  Heath Ledger. They say true art comes from pain. It didn’t take long to become invested in Dean and Cindy. Williams acting made it easy to put aside her real life story and focus on the drama on screen.

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01/14/2011 1:10PM
Movie Review: Blue Valentine
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