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Adam Elliott

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Movie Review: Megamind

Rated PG – 1h36

If truly we had a mega mind steering this animated kids movie, they would already know that this should have been funnier. That being said, the A-List voices behind the characters save what otherwise might be ninety minutes of animation boredom.

Megamind (Will Ferrell) is a super villain, but only because the role of superhero was already taken. Light must have dark, day must have night and good guy Metro Man (Brad Pitt) must have his bad guy rival in order to exist.

Both the dashingly handsome Metro Man and blue-toned and big-headed Megamind were sent to earth, Superman style. They adapt to a regular program of Mega hatching evil plots, which are always foiled by Metro. That is until Metro decides he wants to retire, leaving Mega a host of psychological problems. The most notable being he’s lost the person who’s been beating him up for years and wants the abuse back. Mega is presented with a choice to create a new superhero to be his rival, or become the good guy himself.

The bad thing here is that Megamind resorts to a lot of animated movie cliché slapstick to draw out the yucks. The good thing is the moral reminder that there’s good inside everyone.

The bad thing is the there’s a lot of plot development and general stuff that I imagine kids might get tired of quickly. The good thing is that the visuals are superb and the rest of the cast including Tina Fey, Jonah Hill and David Cross know how to deliver a line with charm. Ferrell has a good time with name pronunciations, which gave me a nice grin, if not a wide smile.

It was hard to not think of Superman because of all the obvious references, but it wasn’t a bad thing. I doubt the current generation knows of the original 1978 movie or has much of a desire to see it.

I can’t say this one rivals some of the better animated works we’ve had this year like Toy Story 3 or How To Train Your Dragon, but it’s a good enough family venture for a chilly fall day.

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11/05/2010 12:33PM
Movie Review: Megamind
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