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Adam Elliott blogs about movies, cinema life and other goofy things.

Movie Review: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Rated PG-13

For what it lacks in storyline, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol more than makes up for it in bravado, which means this is a generally cool action movie. 
This is the 4th film into the franchise, which is now putting forth its best effort to make Tom Cruise into his own version of James Bond. The general idea is that Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is being framed for bombing the Kremlin. 

The president disavows Hunt and his team, so they need to rely on their own sources to find out who has done them wrong.   Turns out the bad guy is something of a James Bond-esque villain, who wants nothing more than all-out nuclear war to allow humanity to start again.
The movie opens with an impressive jailbreak that, in real time, takes place during the length of the Dean Martin song “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head.” Yes, people are kicked in the head while it plays.  
The MI4 travelogue continues to Dubai, where Hunt tries to pull a switcheroo on the baddie trying to obtain launch codes for the previously mentioned nuclear weapons. This is the big payoff as they film scenes in the Burj Khalifa, a hotel, now the world’s tallest building. 
I caught the film in IMAX and some of the camerawork from outside the hotel is nothing less than phenomenal. There is a very good chance you’ll feel some type of dizziness looking down.   It’s very much worth the extra bucks for IMAX.  Yes, Tom Cruise did the stunt work outside of the building. Yes, he is a larger man that you and I.
Hunt’s new team consist of Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg,) the field green techie who provides much of the comic relief. William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) is another new agent that seems to be faster than Hunt, but not as experienced.
It’s silly to nit pick action movie plots. This one has weaknesses. It moves slow in places, it makes a lot of presumptions on details and centers on the almighty Tom Cruise a little too much. All the mistakes are forgivable as long as the filmmakers don’t start feeling like this was Oscar worthy. 
A fun fact: in Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise is the same age Wilford Brimley was when he made Cocoon.  He’s an easy target to make fun of, but even with the egomania, this movie was still fun.
For fans of the TV show Lost, you can feel the touch that Producer JJ Abrams places on the film. You even get a few minutes of Josh Holloway, being just a cool as he was on TV.

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12/16/2011 1:56PM
Movie Review: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
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