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Adam Elliott

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Movie Review: Resident Evil: Afterlife

Rated R – 1h37

Ummmm..Resident Evil. I know we’ve been friends for a while now. I really hate to bring this up, but when we first started hanging out, you said you were about zombies. I know you have this whole conspiracy thing with the Umbrella Corporation, who released the virus, that turned everyone into zombies. Now it’s like we do everything except talk about zombies. Where are my zombies?

Really, why else would I be interested in another boring evil corporation conspiracy theory? I want to see people fighting zombies in my apocalyptic movies. I don’t think you’re giving me what I need.

Resident Evil: Afterlife doesn’t give you much, other than something sparkly to look at for 90 minutes. The fantastic action scenes were ho-hum. The sloppily thrown together plot and downtime between the action sequences dragged on. Milla Jovovich, who plays the heroine Alice just didn’t do much or me this time around. It’s honorable that Alice searches the world for zombie outbreak survivors, but being such a warrior, she should focus on taking out the bad guys? I like Jovovich, but I guess it’s I really like to look at her.

Fans of the video game may enjoy the inclusion of the original video game’s main character Chris Redfield. For me, that didn’t provide any thrills. The 3D didn’t do much for me either.

Bottom line with the Resident Evil franchise is they generally suck, but rake in a lot of dough. I guess movie goers like to look at Milla Jovovich too. That also means there’s probably going to be a fifth in the series

Isn’t it sad that the scariest thing in a zombie genre movie are crows flying out at you?

Another question. Why is it that the movie previews attached to this film, are for movies that will also be in 3D, but the previews were not in 3D? 3D is more and more just another way to get an extra $5 out of you at the door. The return on the investment is quite low.

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09/10/2010 12:02PM
Movie Review: Resident Evil: Afterlife
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10/21/2011 4:33PM
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