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Adam Elliott

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Movie Review: Unstoppable

Rated PG-13 – 1h38

If you can’t have Snakes On A Plane, Denzel on a train is a good substitute.

Unstoppable is an action movie that you would expect a lousy action hero like Nicholas Cage to star in. He’s not in this one, Denzel Washington is. Add Denzel plus the fantastic idea of a train wreck and you have a decent action movie.

Unstoppable is loosely based on a near-train wreck that actually happened in 2001 in Ohio. This one is set in Pennsylvania. After a buffoon train yard worker forgets to set the brake on his engine and hops out, the unmanned, half-mile locomotive hauling toxic materials jets off, threatening all in its path.

Frank (Washington) is the seasoned employee who gets paired with Will (Chris Pine) who is the new guy on the job. They devise a plan to catch the runaway train with another train and hit the brakes.

This isn’t an award winning performance, but it is a suitable way to spend ninety minutes in fantasy-action land. The odd thing about this one is that it’s a decent action story minus the murders and bloodlust. It’s probably because the main villain is a train, and they’re kind of hard to hate.

I will say that this movie doesn’t do much to support initiating high speed rail in Wisconsin. It wasn’t great public relations for the train industry.

Sidenote: Something I always look for in a Denzel Washington movie is his moment of elation where he lets out a big “HA-HAHH.” It’s kind of like the moment in a film where the speak the name of the movie. Very nerdy movie thing to do, but it was to my enjoyment, as was the time I spent watching Unstoppable.

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11/16/2010 8:27AM
Movie Review: Unstoppable
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