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Adam Elliott blogs about movies, cinema life and other goofy things.

Movie Review: Hanna

Rated PG-13 – 1h51

In the action-thriller world, it’s hard to think of another teenage girl who I might fear more than Hanna. A surprisingly energetic movie, it manages to satisfy our revenge-lust while making sure justice is served.

16-year old Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) is home schooled by her super spy father (Eric Bana.) He not only educates her with an encyclopedia, he also shows Hanna his training to defend herself in the deadliest of situations. She sets out on a mission to avenge her slain mother and finds out she is more than your average teenager. Marissa (Cate Blanchett) is a rogue agent on their trail.

The shock and draw of this movie is the juxtaposition of the fair-haired, delicate little girl, who can turn deadly on a moment’s notice. Ronan made my eyes bug out in a tremendous escape scene. She is crawling through a ventilation system like a child might crawl through playground equipment, except every once in a while you get a glance of the gun she just took off a guard, that she mercilessly killed.

In the action genre, something big always packs the punch. It’s a bigger gun, a meathead henchman named Jaws or a supped-up car. That’s why Hanna was refreshingly entertaining. It was quite the opposite of what you expect.

Ronan plays Hanna as an inquisitive and smart yet ferocious creature. Blanchett was delightfully playing the evil stepmother type, and Bana, who I tire of quickly, was even watchable.

We eventually find out the details of Hanna’s past and why people are hunting her down. I also felt much sympathy for Hanna’s situation and wondered how she would live in he world after the film stopped rolling? She managed to walk into an internet café and assumingly never having seen a computer before, she manages to hop online for information.

I guess that’s the mindset of a super soldier. Adapt or die is her motto. I’m sure she’ll do fine.

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04/08/2011 11:58AM
Movie Review: Hanna
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