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Popcorn & A Movie

Adam Elliott blogs about movies, cinema life and other goofy things.

Movie Review: Sucker Punch

Rated PG-13 – 2h

I would consider it a great accomplishment to tie together a coherent film noir about mental institutions, sword play, epic battle scenes, dragons, robots, samurai warriors, World War II steam-powered automatons, debauchery, corruption and battle ready young women who love to show off their midriffs. The thing is, trying to throw in all those ideas into one film makes it very incoherent.

I’m still not exactly sure what the title means, but bear with me as I try to describe this jumbled mess.

A young woman is accused of accidentally killing her younger sister and is sent to a 1950’s style mental hospital. While there, she introverts into a fantasy world where the goal to escaping an oppressive pimp who make them wear lingerie 24-7 and dance for money. Somehow freeing herself in the fantasy world is also supposed to free her physical self from the mental hospital.

Really, the plot is beside the point. I’m not exactly sure who would like this movie, unless they are fans of video game, anime, sword-wielding female fighters. I can’t really recommend this movie to anyone, because I don’t really know anybody like that.

The stylized violence is the only thing Sucker Punch has going for itself and even with that, the film is weak. While themes from Inception, our lead heroine is in a second level escapism dream, she is engaged in WWII style trench warfare. She and her friends dispatch countless steam powered burn victims while trying to capture a object that will help them escape from the first level escapism dream.

Only consequence-less, bloodless, thrill killings follow. The best thing I can say about it is that they took the time to reload, avoiding the endless-bullet movie cliché.

While Sucker Punch may exceed with eye popping effects, it leaves you wondering of the director has ever actually spoken to an actual woman. None of the cast of scantily dressed women portrayed anything genuine. I think he was too busy playing video games.

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03/25/2011 11:13AM
Movie Review: Sucker Punch
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