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Adam Elliott blogs about movies, cinema life and other goofy things.

Movie Review: Super

Rated R – 1h36

If I could tell crime one thing, I guess I agree with what The Crimson Bolt says; “Shut up crime!” It’s a little gritty, but an apt phrase for a superhero.

The Crimson Bolt (Rainn Wilson) is the literal and figurative hero in SUPER, a dark, violent and slightly comedic look at vigilante justice. After everyday drug dealer Jaques (played by a skeleton-looking Kevin Bacon) lures away Frank D’Arbo’s wife (Liv Tyler,) he transforms himself into a Crimson Bolt.

The Crimson Bolt has good intentions, but seems to draw his inspiration from hallucinations of him talking to God. After seeing Crimson and his mild-mannered cover Frank, I believe the pair are mentally unhinged. I know heartbreak can change a person, but someone so bent on justice has to see the wrongdoing in smashing a person over the head with a pipe wrench for butting in line.

Then again, there is a police philosophy that any crime is a violation of the law, therefore jaywalking should be handled with the same severity as a serial murdered. I think the idea of purist 1950’s clean-cut justice still rings true in Frank’s head. What makes him just, also makes him scary.

Frank is later joined by sidekick Boltie (Ellen Page.) Page only hints at the neurotic, insecure, over talkative character she gets typecast as. She also doesn’t stray too far.

Frank is also a likable loser. We see him cry in front of other men, over his wife leaving and feel sympathy for his plight. He seems to take on characters that have significant faults, but make up for them with a sense of good. This film gets credit, because it’s not afraid to show the ugly side of human nature.

Last year, you may remember the widescreen release of Kick-Ass. Each film has a similar idea, showing the dark and comical side of the average Joe putting on a costume and fighting crime. SUPER, has a little more heart and oddly enough, more skull cracking too.

This movie seems to be sold as a superhero comedy. There’s only hints at comedy here. It’s more satire on the comic book culture and playing with the audience’s expectations of what should happen to a superhero.

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04/15/2011 10:23AM
Movie Review: Super
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