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Adam Elliott blogs about movies, cinema life and other goofy things.

Movie Review: The Change-Up

Rated R – 1h52

It’s kind of hard for me to say anything positive this movie when one of the stars goes on TV the day before it opens and calls it ‘crap” and “garbage.” No joke. Just check out Jason Bateman’s recent visit to The Daily Show.

The Change-Up is a mashup of a body switching “Freaky Friday” movie and the new genre of raunchy comedies. Really, it’s a mashup of gross- out, sometimes cruel-intentioned dirty jokes. It’s not that’s a bad thing for a comedy. The jokes this time just weren’t strung together in a way that’s likeable.

Speaking of likeable, just about none of the cast were. Ryan Reynolds plays Mitch, Dave’s (Bateman) best friend. He’s a self-centered, wake-and-bake man child. Dave is an over accomplishing husband who works so much, he neglects his family life. Dave’s neglected wife Jamie (Leslie Mann) is a stereotypical nagging wife, who although still looks good, has accepted a mediocre existence as a mom.

After a night of drinking and peeing into public fountains, a twist of fate switches Mitch & Dave into each other’s body. A predictable series of events follows as they adapt to the change. At this point, I felt a little confused with the characters. I know each man is supposed to be inhabiting the other’s body, but there were too many examples of how it wasn’t working.

What does work is Ryan Reynolds. I think he does much better playing a low- life, than a superhero or one half of a romantic comedy. He does a good job using his good looks to make you see past the flaws in is characters.

There are a couple of very funny moments. (Imagine the E-Trade baby headbanging in his crib) Most of them are one liners and forgettable. I probably could have done without two grown men urinating into a mall fountain with children standing around and the grown men swearing and dropping inappropriate jokes in front of toddlers. It’s a crutch to think that dropping an “F-bomb” in front of kids is instant comedy.

Even with the comic weight of Bateman and Reynolds, this movie is very thin.

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08/05/2011 5:37AM
Movie Review: The Change-Up
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08/05/2011 8:00AM
'The Change-Up': The Reviews Are In!... The Jason Bateman/ Ryan Reynolds body-switching motion picture has critics less than thrilled.By Terri SchwartzJason Bateman in "The Change-Up"Photo: Universal StudiosIf you believe the critics, Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds were not lying when the...
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