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     Just found out my previously thought to be discontinued perfume is BACK!  Turns out the manufacturer was haggling with a supplier over a crucial ingredient.  Negotiation over, problem solved!  I never knew that was why the perfume went away.  I just couldn't find it.  Anywhere.  Searched all over the web too.  People started carefully hoarding it and parceling it out on EBay.  Price went too high for me on one auction and I ended up just going with a different scent.   But today I found out it's BACK!  Ordered and shipped, thank you very much.

Yes, I deliberately did NOT tell you what fragrance it is.  If you really want to know, email me at

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02/15/2011 7:10AM
My perfume!
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02/17/2011 2:26AM
Perfumes are an integral part of a person's whole life.Perfumes are a key to what is exactly going on inside a man, what he/she is feeling and its emotional status. On the other hand it helps in changing the mood of a person.
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