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New Year's Resolutions and New Year Resolution

Did you make New Year's Resolutions?  If you did, how are you doing?  Four out of Five people who make resolutions break them.  Less than a third of people make it until the end of January.  Maybe we're not being realistic when we make big bold predictions.  To effect change, goals have to be achievable.  The most popular resolution is to lose weight (actually the most popular resolution is to not make resoluions), and I read a recent survey that concluded we're pretty clueless about what we put into our bodies.  While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 68% of us are overweight or obese, only 1 in 10 of us think we have an unhealthy diet.  Pretty revealing info about us I think.

Here's a New Year Resolution that I'll make and keep.  To listen to a brand new feature that begins this weekend on WOLX.  It's called Scott Miller's Top 9 @ 9.  It's a replay of the songs from a day in music history.  It'll air every Saturday morning at 9 am, and this Saturday it's January 8th, and the year featured will be 1974.  The Top 9 songs from the chart, counted down, by me.  I'll be just like Casey Kasem. 

 Hope you'll listen, and I also hope you'll let me know what you think.  What year I should feature.  Input is always welcomed.

And resolutions or not, Happy New Year and thanks for listening!

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01/06/2011 1:58PM
New Year's Resolutions and New Year Resolution
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01/08/2011 10:43AM
Berenice Silver
As a child I my dream was to become a famous tv star. Then as a teenager I started to perform in a few stage plays. Little did I know that I have a hidden talent. One that came out in my adult years. And did is the ability to write. To write songs. It started off with writing poems and then it turned into songs. Currently I have two songs on youtube. My lyrics is so powerful that I find at times that I have tears in my eyes. I write from within. My wish for this year is to have my songs being discovered, hopefully by someone like Carrie Underwood or any famous Country singer. So this is my New Year resolution. I have discovered my talent and now that I know I am great I can not stop chasing after it. So for everyone out there do not ever give up on your dreams. And if Carrie should see this comment...Go to youtube and search for Berenice Silver. You will like the words. Cheers to everyone and may all your dreams come true Berenice Silver berenice youtube/berenice silver
09/20/2011 12:02AM
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