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Adam Elliott

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Nog Me

egg-nogEver wonder how fattening and damaging a holiday drink is? its something I think about all the time.  Well, at least it fits on the list somewhere behind whether the boss will mind if I put the lampshade on my head at the holiday party and passing out under the Christmas tree.

So, how many calories does your holiday drinky-poo have?  Looks like those made with cream, half-and-half, or sugary ingredients are the worst offenders. Those that are more basic tend to be the lesser of evils. The list goes from healthiest options to the worst, and as you can see, unfortunately, most of the season’s tastiest drinks are on the naughty list.

Wine Spritzer – 6 oz, 88 calories
Champagne – 6 oz, 120 calories
White / Red Wine – 6 oz, about 145 calories
Beer (light) - 12 oz , 104 calories
Beer (regular) – 12 oz, 153 calories
Mistletoe Cocktail – 6 oz, 130 calories
Hot Cider (no alcohol) – 8 oz , 117 calories
Hot Cider (with alcohol) – 8 oz, 216 calories
Peppermint Mojito – 6 oz, 273 calories
Poinsettia – 8 oz, 221 calories
Brandy Alexander – 4 oz, 246 calories
White Russian – 4 oz, 286 calories
Candy Cane – 4 oz, 370 calories
Egg Nog (no alcohol) – 8 oz, 343 calories
Egg Nog (with alcohol) – 8 oz, 393 calories

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12/08/2011 11:40AM
Nog Me
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