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Adam Elliott

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Not Really New MJ Music

jackson_1432026cIf you're gonna get sneaky, you've got to keep it on the down-low.

The Michael Jackson Estate was the opposite of the D-L when they released the "new" Michael Jackson song this week. In fact, they're lucky that everybody involved is being cool what they did.

That new song "This Is It" was actually released in 1990...and boy does it sound that way!
"This Is It " old...

Here's a clip of the new one:
'This Is It" new

Obviously the same song. Of course, the new one was actually recorded in 1983, and they just recently added the backing vocals of Michael's brothers. Paul Anka also co-wrote the he's getting 1/2 the profits from it. He's cool about it now that he's getting proper credit.

It's a small faux pas, but it makes the MJ Estate look sneaky. I don't think it will wreck the Micheal Jackson name or anything.

In fact, In my brain, its all kind of a mixed together with the Michael media coverage and this shot of colder weather. Actually, not so much the cold weather, but rather all these cold meds coursing through my veins. That's another story.

Come to think of it, I'm not sure Vanilla Ice ever did give David Bowie proper credit for stealing the baseline for "Under Pressure." That's not nice, nice baby.

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10/13/2009 7:24AM
Not Really New MJ Music
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