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One One OneOne

Happy New Year.  No matter what 2010 was like for you, here's to a great 2011.

I stayed up a couple hours past my regular bedtime last night, but still didn't make it to midnight...not that I was trying.  Although I love countdowns....I love falling asleep.

And I'm  not much for resolutions.  I shared a recent survey on the air yesterday morning stating that the #2 New Years resolution is to lose weight.  #3 be more adventurous...meaning do something out of character, like skydive.  But the most popular New Year's resolution?  Two-thirds of people responded with "I don't make resolutions".  I'm in the majority.

New Years Resolutions by President Obama:    To finally finish reading George W's memoir.  To have a beer summit with North and South Korea.  To fatten up his wife Michelle's arms so she'll look more like a First Lady.  To help finance the deficit by charging $45 for carry-on bags aboard Air Force One.  Less talk, more rock!

On a serious note, New Year's Day has more babies die of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) than any other day of the year.  Not clear why, but researchers suspect it has something to do with parents having drank heavily the night before.  Sure hope this is a stat that can change.  Have a Happy, and Safe!, New Year.

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01/01/2011 7:57AM
One One OneOne
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01/01/2011 11:51AM
Scott Miller
Scotty: Happy New Year, Canadian or otherwise! The Other Brother
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