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Adam Elliott

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PIN Numbrs You Should Never Have

Over the weekend, I updated a couple of the multitude of accounts I have.  Bank PINS, three different email passwords, credit card logins, facebook logins, twitter logins, the cable bill passwords, the electric bill account information.

Am I a slave to data?  Sometimes it feels that way, but I know at least my data is reasonably safe because of it.

Here's how I know its partially safe. 

Sorry to ruin your afternoon, but that PIN number you picked—probably a birthday, month/day combo, or year in the 1900s—is among the easiest for thieves to guess. And if you chose "1234," "1111," or "0000," consider your bank account a slush fund for anyone who steals your card. The firm Data Genetics looked through a database of stolen passwords—mostly for websites—and ranked the popularity of PIN codes, Slate reports. A few tidbits:

  • The least popular PIN is 8068, used in less than 0.001% of passwords. But with that information now public, it may not be the best choice.
  • The next four least-chosen numbers are "8093," "9629," "6835," and "7637."
  • People tend to like using odd numbers rather than even.
  • 22nd-most popular is "2580." You can figure out why by looking at your phone keypad and seeing which numbers run down the middle.
Now go update that PIN.

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09/24/2012 9:07AM
PIN Numbrs You Should Never Have
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