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Popcorn & A Movie

Adam Elliott blogs about movies, cinema life and other goofy things.

Posts from November 2012

Who has the best mustache?
I think there is no debate here.  While Aaron Rodgers stache is cool for Movember.  Sam Elliott is the king of cool...on so many levels.


Aaron Rodgers said that Sam Elliott has the best mustache in history... but the TMZ newsroom begs to
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I could see this...
Actually...after his performance in The Hunger Games.  I'm thinking he could really pull it off. 
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Movie Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Rated PG-13

The greatest thing that can be said about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2 is that it's over.  No more movies, no more books, no more Bella's dirty looks.

Once again we are subject to poor acting, and weak story lines that circle around the romantic notion of getting what you cannot have.  This one is unique though, because Bella (Kristin Stewart) is no longer a human yearning for the forbidden love of Edward (Robert Pattinson.)  Her newfound vampings have put her at the center of a scandal in the vampire world, which lead to a showdown over the legitimacy of her half-human half-vampire child.

That amount of riducilousness is only matched by Bella's dialogue shouted to Jacob: "Nessie!?  You named my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?"

Now lets not be competely negative.  We do get a couple treats.  For example, Dakota Fanning is limited to just one word of dialogue and Michael Sheen lets out a vampire cackle that will almost guarantee that I won't ever take him seriously as an actor ever again.

Truth be told, I didn't mind watching this Twilight, because I knew it would be the last.  It must have tapped a nostalgiac vein in me.

Alas, I was completely disappointed with the resolution of the film.  It made the blood drain from my face, as if a vamp was taking one final drink. 

Glad we are done here. Best of luck to this crew of actors in finding other work that does not cast them as brooding supernatural creatures.

Who Will Like This Film:

All Twilight fans looking for closure

Any significant others of Twilight fans who were dragged to the other Twilight Films, because its finally over

Humans considering the vampire lifestyle

Who Won't Like This Film:

Everyone else

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Movie Review: Skyfall

Rated PG-13


A solid argument could be made that this is the greatest James Bond film ever made.  I like to think they are all pretty entertaining, so I'll just say this. 

Skyfall is a really good action-spy-thriller, that just happens to be a Bond movie too.

Daniel Craig once again makes a human being out of James Bond.  He is no longer just the super suave, internationally known, super intelligent ladies man.  He's also a human, who has parents, a childhood, bleeds when cut and has feelings. 

I still have a bit of difficulty adjusting to the new style, but I still like it.

Javier Bardem appropriately earns the title supervillian with his role as Silva.  The bad guys are always better when you like them, and as dastardly as Silva is, you still feel for him.

My sole criticism of the film is that it repeatedly grinds on the theme of old vs new.  Ad nauseum.  I get it.  James Bond needs to build a new audience and appeal to a younger demographic.  You don't need to hit me over the head with it.

Go see this movie in the theater.

Who will like Skyfall:

Any/All James Bond Fans including the Bond Super-Nerds

Grown ups looking for a solid evening of entertainment

Hungry Komodo dragons

Who won't like Skyfall

Kids under 13 - long run time, significant character development

People who like watching Love Actually

People looking for cheesy James Bond gadgetry

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